PlatinGold – four revolutionary properties.

The history of platinum has been reinvented: PlatinGold – the innovative  platinum alloy from C.HAFNER sets new standards with an unprecedented and fascinating quality, outstanding material properties, excellent workability, brilliant white colour and a precious metal content of 97,3 %. It encompasses the advantages and eliminates the disadvantages of all previous platinum alloys. PlatinGold is the new platinum standard.

  1. High precious
    metal content

The secret of the outstanding properties of PlatinGold is its high precious metal content of 973 ‰.


  1. Outstanding

The strength and hardness of PlatinGold are higher than with most well-known platinum alloys. 


  1. Excellent

PlatinGold offers the benefits of a fine crystalline structure even after casting. 


  1. Brilliant
    white colour

It is not only its outstanding workability that sets this new alloy apart but also its especially bright white colour.